Former Montclair State Undergrad, Amina Abdelrahman, Has Taken Over the SEO Scene in NYC

Amina Abdelrahman at Good Housekeeping in Manhattan, NYC. Courtesy of Amina Abdelrahman.

Amina Abdelrahman is a former Montclair State University Undergraduate student who currently works for the Meredith Corporation, a company that owns some of the top magazines, television stations, websites, and radio stations.

After graduating in 2018, Amina joined Good Housekeeping but earlier this year she was offered the amazing opportunity to join the Meredith Company as a product review writer.

“At Meredith Corporation, my team and I work with the central eCommerce team and we write reviews for all types of products. My role specifically is to write SEO pieces. So if you type in ‘Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin’, I want mine to come up first” she said.

While majoring in Communications and Media at Montclair State, Amina took various writing classes that have aided her along the way to where she is today.

“My magazine and feature writing class really helped to prepare me for life after college. Those types of classes were the main ones at Montclair that I felt didn’t seem to be focused on the broadcast-type of media” said Amina.

Sadly, because of the pandemic, her ability to try products in person became quite limited. Before the pandemic, she was able to regularly attend events hosted by various product sponsors.

Amina Abdelrahman (left) and a colleague doing aerial yoga at a press event for Phillips. Courtesy of Amina Abdelrahman.

“Before March, my team and I would be invited to different events to try products hands-on. It’s a big part of the industry to maintain good relations with a brand so you can be the first to try their products” said Amina.

While working at Meredith Company for a little more than half a year she has already seen the impacts of her writing, especially towards those still in college.

“I know what I do makes an impact when college students reach out to me and look for advice. Speaking of that, I’ve been a mentor at Ed2010 for aspiring journalists and writers. Seeing people become inspired really makes me feel good.” she said.

Amina has just started her career as a product review writer; she has no plans of leaving her current field. With all the positive feedback she’s received she plans on staying in digital media and writing for Meredith Company.

“I would love to think about being an SEO Editor or maybe one day transition to eCommerce strategy. There are so many options but everything is just so in the moment… My beat really is eCommerce. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll write a book” said Amina.

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